Top Bordeaux and Alsace selections. Lemae Group Wines France Imports

Discover our range of French wines from the Bordeaux and Alsace regions, now available through Lemae Group Wines.

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From Italian Vineyards. Lemae Group Wines Italian Imports

Enjoy Italy's finest from a range of top producing vineyards, especially the famous Late Harvest and Selection de Grains Nobles.

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Celebrate Portugal Wines. Lemae Group Wines Italian Imports

Taste new Portugal wine offerings from top Portuguese producers, recognized winners of several notable wine awards.

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Jun 12

Lemae Group Wines invites you to take a peek at our international portfolio of premium quality fine wine. The products that make up our imports division include items from Italy, France and Portugal.  Lemae Group Wines is overseen by an experienced and talented senior management team. Follow the links below for more information on our distinct Import Portfolios, and selections.

  • Italy: The Italian vineyards offer Sparkling White -Pecorino Grapes, Red Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, and more...
  • France: Bordeaux wines, such as Château Petrus is one of the world’s most distinguished and prized wines.
  • Portugal: Enjoy the selections from Portuguese Vineyards, dubbed, "The New Portugal."
  • France: The world famous Alsace region vineyards offer some of the finest French wines on the planet.

About Lemae Group Wines

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Lemae Group was the vision of our founder, Donald L. Mitchell. We want you to love wine as we do. Enjoy!.

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