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Don Mitchell Lemae Group Wines FounderLemae Group was the vision of our founder, Donald L. Mitchell. Donald was a chemist and an attorney and he loved to mix things up in the lab, the kitchen and the courtroom.  During a two week vacation that he and his wife, Vela, took to Portugal with their friends Rory and Gay Wright they met a really cool Portuguese couple on the airplane.  During the flight over they all exchanged stories and by the time the plane landed in Portugal the couples were all best friends.  Needless to say, the couple from Portugal were part of a family who owned wineries south of Lisbon.

The wines from the region were excellent, but at that time in 1999 Portuguese wines had very little distribution in the states.  Donald, his wife and friends had not tasted these wines before visiting Lisbon.  Don decided he did not want to leave the wines behind in Portugal so he became determined after their visit to bring the wines into the states.  His legal background was a plus as he was able to get through the legal side of the process rather quickly.  The difficulty came during the regulatory side but that too was overcome and in 2000, Lemae Group Wine Importers was a reality.

Don ran his small boutique wine importing company until 2009 when he passed away.  Prior to his death he increased his wines to include several brands from Portugal, France and Italy.  Today, his wife Vela and his cousin Evelyn are working to keep his legacy alive by continuing to work with the wine producers he developed friendships with years ago.  Don would be very impressed with the wines his company is now introducing to the American market.  The reds are outstanding and the whites are beyond his imagination from mild fruits to the buttery flavored.

Lemae Group's continued vision is to introduce the American palate to wines that are a product of small wineries that have grown grapes and produced some of the best wines for hundreds of years.  We want these family wines to get to know your family.  We want you to love wine as we do. Enjoy!

Evelyn D. Tyler
Vice President Business Development
Office: 404.835.8332
Direct: 770.377.7419

Vela McClam Mitchell
President and General Manager
Office: 404.835.8332
Direct: 404.974.4905

Mailing Address:
6285 Barfield Road, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA  30328

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